The Park Grand Breakfast Menu


Often, one of the aspects we most enjoy about travelling is the new accommodation we settle ourselves in. The friendly atmosphere, the great food, and the novelty associated with being in an entirely different environment allows us to unwind and relax, untethered from the responsibilities we experience back at home.

london foodSo naturally, it’s important we make the choice of our accommodation the right one. What can we do to ensure we don’t just have a fantastic luxury experience; what we can do to ensure we have one that will stay etched in our memories for a lifetime? The answer is simple; we need to be careful about which kind of accommodation we book ourselves into.

It’s a great time to be alive

Lucky, in this internet age, it’s never been easier to source different reviews and critiques so that we can make a sensible decision based on other people’s experiences. The breakfast at Park Grand London Heathrow has been shown not to deliver exceedingly well beyond the expectations of guests, it’s culinary menu has also won been acclaimed by different associations. With highly trained chefs, and a team working around the clock to provide the best service, you’ll have the option of choosing from a full English breakfast or the freedom to pick from a range of continental choices.

A healthy breakfast starts the day on the right foot, especially on a holiday where we tend to be slightly unfamiliar with the food. So not only does a breakfast start help us start each day with a wonderful zesty energy, but it also helps us better enjoy each day, mitigating the worry of having to decide where to eat every breakfast.

What’s more welcoming and refreshing and waking up knowing that you’ll have a beautifully prepared breakfast ready waiting at your private restaurant within your hotel?

The Hotel’s options

During the evenings at the Park Grand, the hotel comes alive with the en-suite restaurant serving up different menu options, while the adjacent bar opens up shop, serving delicious chilled wines and drinks. With a pool table, a lounge, meeting rooms, the Park Grand represents everything a business traveller wants from accommodation in London.