The Royal Bushy Park: Things to do


London city has been filled to be bursting with a thoroughly enriched travel attractions. Whatever your heart desires for is made to be available in the English capital. There are museums where you can explore the wonderful exhibits that hold certain historical significance. The art galleries welcome the visitors taking special interest in several art and artistic exhibits. The galleries house some of the brilliant paintings made by several acclaimed artists which you must look out for during the break. The Royal Palaces around the city let people encounter the brilliant instances of architectural royalty. The wondrous parks and open green spaces welcome the travelers who are in search for absolute tranquillity. For those who are interested in having a scintillating night life will get flattered to come across to the fact that London is one of the most passionate cities which does not sleep. The capital boasts of having a large number of night clubs, pubs and bars where the music and the wide range of drinks always keep the visitors on a high. You cannot complain of getting bored. Then there are the equally enthralling shopping arcades which entice the attention of the fashion conscious tourists who always wish to embellish their wardrobes with the best of everything. London is a fashion capital and people from different parts around the world look ahead to make their visit to the city for the purpose of spending most of their leisure time at the highly sophisticated shopping centers. Those who are planning to explore the English culture may also look ahead to visit some of the English restaurants where they will be served with the best British cuisines. The afternoon tea and fish and chips are also must. Apart from that having a picnic in the English garden can also work wonders in letting you feel thoroughly enriched from within. Enjoying a theatrical experience at West End will further delight our senses to the greatest possible extent. There is always something amazing to look out for while enjoying a London holiday.

If this is your first time in the city of London and you wish to make the most of it then you can always try opting for everything that has been mentioned above. You would absolutely love the idea of checking out several interesting sightseeing attractions which the English capital comes along with.

If you are done with checking out most of it and now desire to head straight to the tranquil oasis then make sure to pay a visit to the Bushy Park. The tourists who are planning to get their kids along with them on the trip will love the idea of taking them to the Bushy Park. This beautiful oasis is considered to be the second largest of all the Royal Parks in Europe and it lies to the north of the wondrous Hampton Court Palace. Stay at one of the hotels in Hounslow and it will get easier for you to make access to the Bushy Park.

Bushy Park

About Bushy Park

The park boasts of having a well enriched rural character which entices a large number of visitors all year round. It houses almost 320 roaming deer. This sight is truly a delight to sit and watch. Apart from this you can also check out the Park for the following:

• Baroque Upper Lodge Water Gardens:

It has baroque styled collection that comprises of pools, canal, sink and cascades around the garden area which will give you a chance to enjoy the park with your friends and family members.

• Chestnut Avenue:

A must visit place for clicking some great snapshots.

• Diana Fountain:

It is where a statue has been erected having a pool in its surroundings with a view of mile long lined trees.

• Tennis Courts:

These are available inside the Bushy Park and have been designed to let the visitors play tennis and also get some coaching lessons.

• Wild Treasures:

If you are planning to explore the wildlife in the Bushy Park then you must take this guided tour.

• The King’s Giant Hosepipe:

This trial takes the travelers on a tour along the track of Longford River.

• Cricket Club:

The numbers of cricket clubs that are available in the park are 4. Visitors get the opportunity to play cricket in these clubs.

• The National Physical Laboratory:

It is a national measurement standards laboratory where the visitors get to study and rest amid a calm ambiance

The Bushy Park is itself a great attraction to come over and relax. Once you are done checking out the iconic landmarks that have enriched the city’s travel quotient since centuries, you must look ahead to pay a visit to the Bushy Park. This great attraction encompasses a large number of sites inside its premises. Some of the sites that are positioned right inside the park are

• Refreshment Points at Diana Car Park and

• Pleasantry Welcome Centre

The palaces of interest that are located at the surroundings of the Bushy Park are as follows:

• YMCA Hawker Centre

• Trowlock Island

• Canbury Gardens

• The Landmark Arts Centre and

• The Architect’s Gallery.

You are absolutely going to love every single bit of your vacation which you would love to spend in the English capital. London ahs surely got all of it what it takes to offer you with wonderful memories of a fabulous London city break. You must pay a visit to this widely extensive Bushy Park that covers an area of about 445 hectares and includes mainly grasslands, ponds, steams, ancient trees. All of these contribute towards creating an enthralling ambiance which is meant to offer absolute relaxation to each and every visitor.