The three best Museum exhibitions in London


You might be aware that London boasts the higher number of free galleries and museums in Europe, or you might not. Either way, in this post – we’ll be sharing some of the best museum exhibitions in London. So as opposed to giving you recommendations to visit free museums such as the: National Army Museum, V&A Museum of Childhood, the British Museum, the Science Museum, the National History Museum, and the National Gallery– we recognize that you’re probably aware of these venues.

v and a museum

Naturally, we’re going to opt to provide ideas on museum exhibitions that have immersion at the core of their experience. While browsing galleries and museums can be great, it’s clear that it’s not the most enthralling experience you can have, even though many museums are educative and interesting. But a museum exhibit blends those qualities with an extra layer of entertainment. The Park Grand Heathrow is an accommodation that gives you convenient access to the best exhibitions we’ll share below, due to its nearby transport links that give you access to the heart of Central, with just one train.

The Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Agein Brompton is an exhibition which tells the remarkable story of how Russia launched the space age – being the first country to launch a man into space. It’s a funny thing… but museum exhibitions tell stories in a way that museums in and of themselves can only imagine.

The Fabric of India is another exhibition that comes highly recommended – telling the story of the history of the country specifically in regard to the dynamic and multifaceted world of handmade textiles, beginning in the 3rd century and up to this point in time. It also brings together 200 textiles that demonstrate the culture behind the country’s heritage. The exhibition can be found and the V&A’s India Festival – and the exhibition is the first of its kind.

Animal tales­– the museum exhibit would be more fitting for a family audience.It looks at the history of animals, through ancient cave paintings to modern art.  Found at the British Library’s entrance hall gallery, the exhibit beckons questions pertaining to the role of animal in literature and art through the ages.

In conclusion, if you’re visiting London this year and beyond, don’t just opt for the free museums and galleries. Also consider going to museum exhibitions, as they provide the best in both; interesting, fascinating insights combined with immersion and entertainment.