Things To Do If You’re New In London


London is an expansive, thriving and often daunting place. If you’re new here it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude and virile nature of the city. Getting bogged down in the masses of people and swamped by the urban sprawl is something that even we Londoners who have lived here for months still experience. So not only is this a list for those new to or visiting the city, whether that be staying in the Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel or elsewhere, but also as a way for us veteran’s to regain some perspective on what the city has to offer.

Take a tour

What better way to get to grips with a new place than to be shown the best of it by hardened experts. The London City Tour Bus tour can feel gimmicky but it is a true breath of fresh air with the often open air buses employed to drive you round the city centre. The drivers often have a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to the history of some of the well-known sites and on top of this information you will also get to see some of the more famous landmarks. For something slightly more tailored or niche try the Jack the Ripper tour in Whitechapel for some more focused yet grizzly background to the cities Victorian era, or take an audio tour for a more introspective and freeing experience.

Tour bus

Good views of London

Once you’ve taken the tour and got to grips with the city centre, try out some of the amazing views the city has. If staying on the city outskirts in places like Hotel’s near Hounslow Central Station you may not get a good chance to see London for the vistas it has to offer from your area. For the best views the Shard has some brilliant landscape shots of London as does the London Eye. If looking for something cheaper and more outdoors go to the top of Muswell Hill on a good day. From here you can see a great view of the city. The same goes for nooks and crannies throughout London’s parks. Another option is Canary Wharf and the top of Big Ben, for which tours can be organised in advance.

Visit the hotspots

Having got to grips with the cities sites and views, it is now time to immerse yourself in London. There are many areas of London and even if you live here you’re whole life you’ll still find it difficult to see it all. There will always be another bar or museum or park that you overlooked but don’t be disheartened, as you can always give it a go. With so much on offer it’s often hard to know where to start. The Borough of Camden and Shoreditch are both iconic as great areas for brilliant nightlife. Shoreditch gives you a great idea of London’s east end, with all of its trendy bars and shops as well as a mouth-watering array of shops whilst Camden promises great music and buzzing bars.