Things to know about central Tube Line in London


Planning to visit the London city for getting a change of mind? You have taken the rightful decision as this the ultimate place where you should be seen at. The regular work life takes the toll on us. It really gets on the nerves to follow the same old routine lifestyle which does not bring anything productive output. Taking a change at times really helps in approaching to the issues both at work and home with a different zeal. Occasional breaks to a movie outing with friends, dating, shopping or a spa can help to some extent but it is the impact of a vacation which enriched the heart and soul in the most ecstatic manner. There are several enthralling tourist destinations in the world to look forward to. The city of London is just the rightful place for having a happening holiday outing.

Central Tube Station

The vacations are meant to make you feel comfortable and energetic from within. Having a large number of sightseeing attractions to check out and some captivating activities to indulge yourself into, London is truly a fabulous tourist destination. The English capital is considered to be one of the few cities in the world which has got the eccentricity in enriching your leisure time just the way you have always desired for.

In order to ensure that you have enjoyed every single bit of your holiday trip as perfectly as possible, all you need to do is to start planning the vacation ahead. With a plethora of things to ponder our attention upon, often a twentieth trip to the capital happens to be a surprising endeavor for many. Hence you really need to stay focus and plan everything wisely. You can neither miss out on checking out the iconic landmarks which the British capital takes pride in possessing nor can you ignore the enthralling places of activities that excite a certain amount of interest within you.

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If you are feeling confused about where to start your journey from then you can always look ahead to read the following:

• If you are planning to follow the traditional way of checking out the tourist delights that has been done by many who have come before you and will continue coming after you then you must look ahead to explore some of the iconic landmarks which are as follows:

(a)Visit the stately Buckingham Palace and admire its architectural elegance. You can also check out the Ceremony of Changing of the Guard from right outside the palace gates.

(b)Check out the impeccably exquisite beauty of the River Thames and all the other landmarks situated by its side. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London and many other landmarks continue to exude powerful historical significance that you must check out.

(c)For enjoying the panoramic views of the city as a whole, a ride in the London Eye is a must. This Giant Observatory Wheel will make your vacation even more enriched by letting you feel captivated throughout the half an hour journey.

(d)Kensington Palace & Gardens offer wonderful tranquillity which you must take in during the trip.

(e)For having an encounter with the wildlife, a visit to the London Zoo as well as the Royal Hyde Park is a must. This will further enlighten your vacation spirit in the most ecstatic manner which will surely enrich your spirit of vacation in the most enthralling manner.

(f)The museums and art galleries are for the ones who wish to check out the brilliant artistic exquisiteness which is definitely meant to sway away the hearts of many. Moreover, if you are planning to visit London on a budget, you must always look ahead to pay a visit to some of the museum and galleries such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Tate Britain and many other significant landmarks which display some amazing exhibits that you must check out during the tour.

(g)There are theaters for those who wish to enjoy a theatrical experience during the London visit. There is absolutely nothing which London does not possess. From having some amazing array of night cubs to letting the visitors enjoy a fun filled shopping experience, London encompasses all of it.

If you are the one who finds exploring the historical facts of the British capital to be a fascinating way to enjoy your holiday then you must also look ahead to explore some of the facts about the Central Tube Line for sure. It has an official color of red in the Underground Map of London tube lines. It starts its route from West Ruislip. This line is considered to be the largest one in the London Underground and it covers almost 34.1 miles of distance at a stretch. Out of the total number of stations of this line, 20 are underground and the rest are at above ground level. The trains and tubes are the fastest as this is the largest line of London Underground. This is why the stations get used to open early in the morning and continue to serve till late night.

This tube line originally began in 1900 and has been extended almost 8 times since then. Electric tubes starting running in 1935 on the line and the light weight cars were started operating back in the year 1952.

If you have been planning to visit the English capital sometime soon, you must look ahead to pass through the Central tube Line and look at its eccentric contributions in the history of London Underground. It is always a pleasure to come across to several fascinating attractions in the British capital and the Central Tube Line is surely one of the others.