Thinking About Legoland


Lego toys are a child’s best play mate, and the joy they give stays with them even after they grow up. What better opportunity can there be to revisit the carefree days of childhood than to visit the home of Lego – Legoland! If you’re planning a holiday to the United Kingdom, this is one place you can’t afford to miss!

Located at Windsor, Berkshire, you can reach Legoland by road, rail, coach, air or by sea – there’s really no stopping you! Legoland Windsor is a theme park and resort created to let children explore their creativity with abandon. The park opened in 1996, second to Legoland Billund in Denmark. Kids can enjoy to their heart’s content riding Lego themed rides, creating models and attending fun building workshops.

Of course, there is no end to how much you can play with your imagination. You can delve deep underwater in a massive Lego submarine, or take a tour of miniature monuments in Miniland, or drive your very own Lego car! Younger children can spend time playing at Duplo Land while others can learn about traffic signals at the Traffic section. The Hill Train is another major attraction and is a delightful sight with its colourful coaches and tranparent Lego brick windows.

Children always love a good story and what better than to live one at Legoland! Skeleton Bay is the perfect place to fight it out with pirates on water, while Land of the Vikings takes you back to the era of brawny men and hats with horns! Kids can enjoy a Dragon roller coaster ride at the Knights’ Kingdom inside a castle! There’s really no doubt about the fact that kids will absolutely LOVE being here!

The best part is the resort located within Legoland, where you can plan your stay, so you’re never in a hurry to get back. Why would you want to? After all, Legoland has been voted as UK’s Number One Family Attraction by the Group Leisure Magazine! Go play!