Tips for families travelling through Heathrow


With over 66 million passengers travellers going through Heathrow in 2015 alone, the importance of this airport for London is unfathomably clear. Without its ability to deal with incoming travellers, London would not be what it is today. Its booming tourist industry would be tiny in comparison to what it is today.

london airportWith that said, with the amount of pressure and demands placed on the network, you’ll want to be strategic with how you plan things if you want to have a seamless experience that allows you to get to where you need to, whether it be London or any other major city.

Airports in London are family friendly

Keep an eye out for family fast lanes where you’re going through security and if your kids start to feel bored, you’ll find family lounges at Terminal 1, 3, 4 and five where kids can find numerous play areas and an exclusive gaming zone. Also, there are dedicated nursing areas at each terminal if you have a young baby travelling with you.

Besides that, most restaurants at Heathrow airport have highchairs and kids menus, meaning you have one less thing to worry about. Other than that, if you prefer a quick meal, Pret a Manger and Boots tend to be located at each terminal.

A hotel near Heathrow Airport isn’t hard to find if you’re worried about extensive flight delays, which your flight company will reimburse in case there’s an issue. You can even claim for flights that are as little as 2 hours late. In short, you’ll be glad to know that Heathrow airport has just about everything you need to have a fantastic experience travelling in and out of the airport.

Mr Adventure – the little hero you might spot

Mr Adventure is the new face of family and fun at Heathrow airport, and the character has been specially created for young explorers. He can be found on all family warm spots at the airport, and he adds a spirit of cheerfulness for families travelling through Heathrow airport. Often the very best thing you can do when travelling with a family is, smile, and enjoy the experience.