Tips on choosing the right business or conference venue


Large business owners are aware of the significance of business meets and conferences, which are critical to development and growth of any business. These meetings facilitate employees and stakeholders to formulate strategies to promote any business in a very competitive market. That is why it is absolutely vital to be very selective when deciding to choose a venue for a business conference.

london businessLondon being a commercial hub has innumerable business meetings & conferences held in the city all through the year. The city has numerous venues ranging from iconic hotels to specialised conference venues to cater to the needs of some of the biggest companies based in London.

One such location popular with companies and businesses in the capital is the Park Grand London Heathrow gateway hotel that is less than 4 miles from Heathrow Airport. Some of the main features to consider when choosing a conference or business meeting venue are:

Business reviews: One way of being able to decide about any venue is to read the business reviews about the place. There are plenty of independent review sites that give very objective and fair reviews and ratings of conference and business venues in the city.

Location: Location of course is a key factor, especially if visitors are flying in from overseas. The closer the venue is to a major airport e.g. Heathrow the easier it will be for them to commute to and from the airport. It will reduce being caught in peak hour traffic and be a relatively stress free trip    to the conference.

Budget: While the budget is always something to be taken into account do not opt for a place that offers lower rates but may compromise on the quality of service or facilities at the venue. It must offer value for money both in terms of arrangements and service before and after the meeting. A great way to judge the quality of any venue is to see if has won any industry awards. Also do not forget to check customer testimonials.

Package on offer: All quality venues will offer the best as part of their package. This would include the best quality in terms of business venue, technological support, refreshments, accommodation (if needed), stationery, parking, leisure facilities and customer service. Of course the size of the meeting venue depends upon the number of attendees expected.

Response Time: One way to judge the quality of service to quite an extent is to check the response time of the sales team once you make an enquiry. It indicates what quality of service to expect once you have booked the venue. It is always a good idea to check the venue and check the facilities in person before you actually make a booking.