Top 5 European Cities for Staying


Choosing where exactly you would like to visit if you’re going on holiday in Europe can be difficult. It is made up of over 100 countries, and the number of places with a huge potential pull for visitors is myriad, so, if you’re taking advantage of one of many Heathrow Hotel Offers before jetting off on holiday, choosing just one place you want to visit can be a difficult process. Here is a list of the top five European Cities for any potential travellers.



It is often referred to as the city of love, and for centuries it has drawn famous artists to its streets. Paris, originally called Lutetia Parisiorum, receives over 27 million tourists every year, and they are there to visit much more than just the Eiffel Tower. It seems every street corner has a famous landmark or monument waiting to be discovered and if your visit is romantic in nature, then a walk along the beautiful Pont Des Arts is highly recommended, or, for a more interesting trip, try the Père Lachaise Cemetery.



The Italian city of Venice is world renowned for its vast network of canals and waterways, but it is a lesser known fact that this is because the city is made up of over 100 small islands, which is in fact causing the city to sink at the rate of 1 – 2 millimetres a year. Venice is a breath-taking city, with beautiful architecture almost everywhere you look, which is why, though it may sound clichéd, a gondola ride along the canals of the city is one of the best tourist attractions on offer, fully letting you absorb the city’s beauty.



Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, is among the largest financial capitals in the world, and has many times been declared the city with the highest quality of life of any in the world, so it is little wonder that it is one of the top travel destinations in Europe. Zurich is home to some amazing examples of natural beauty, and one of the most stunning is the Rhine Falls, located between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zürich, the largest plain waterfall in Europe.



Madrid, Spain’s biggest city and also its capital, is a city that has managed to preserve the look and feel of many of its historic neighbourhoods in order to offer an unrivalled sense of culture, whilst at the same time offering some of the world’s most vibrant nightlife. If you are visiting in the summer be sure to pay a visit to the Warner Brother’s Movie World, Madrid’s answer to Orlando Studios.


Of course, one of the best cities to visit in Europe is also one of the most convenient for those taking advantage of any Heathrow hotel offers; London. Why look further than one of the most visited cities in the world? With tourist attractions as varied as a tour of Jack the Ripper’s stomping grounds, or a spot of afternoon tea at the Ritz, London has more than enough to suit any visiting tourists’ tastes.