Top fun things to do on a night out in London

london nightlife

If you’ve decided to come on holiday to London because you want to enjoy the nightlife, then you’ve come to the right place. The city might not be the quintessential reflection of Tokyo or New York City, both places that been labelled as the cities as that never sleep. The truth is – London does sleep. But before it does, it packs in a beautiful assortment of attractions, bars, dining venues, and nightclubs – allowing tourists and inhabitants of the city alike to indulge in a fantastic night experience that leaves them feeling excited, fulfilled, and at ease.

bars and pubs in londonLondon has more to provide than you could ever experience on a single holiday

There is such a variety of experiences and activities to enjoy at night that new travellers can sometimes be lost on what they should start with. That’s the usually the case when you’re visiting a city that’s as eclectic as London – it defies the imagination to such an astonishing degree when you consider just how many options you have.

From partying at one of the famous nightclubs such as Cargo – a cool venue housed under railways arches, which features a tasty global street food canteen, or the Corsica Studios, which tends to bring a friendly, indie art crowd. Or perhaps the famous Ministry of Sound, which has been entertaining, guests for more than two decades.

In essence, whether you’re looking for quirky nightclubs or a club that let you celebrate a special occasion with your friends or family, you’ll have plenty of choices. If however, you’re looking to relax and enjoy the night scene in a more distinctive manner, then you can enjoy the London eye or experience a view from the Shard tower which both provides an encapsulating view of the city’s skyline. Besides you can also find a great Park Grand Heathrow Special offer that lets you stay in the town for a great rate.

Relaxed Nights out

Or otherwise, consider taking a stroll by the banks of River Thames, before you nestle yourself with your loved in the intimate setting of a cruise boat. It allows you to experience a unique way to experience the city – with offer open decks, a café, a commentary and panoramic windows – you’ll be able to appreciate the city’s landscape from a different angle. So why wait? Book your accommodation, at the Best Western Park Grand London Heathrow and experience the majestic nature of this city.