Tube, train, taxi or stay local? The Heathrow-to-London options

london tube

So, on a prospective short-break in London, how are you going to get from Heathrow Airport to your hotel? Here are your options…

london tube

The fastest route

If you’re looking to get from the airport right into the heart of London speedily, go for the Heathrow Express. This one-stop train service is so dedicated to getting passengers where they need to be in a timely manner that the journey to Paddington train station takes just 15 minutes.

The cheapest route

If you don’t have the money to splash out on travel, then the most cost-effective option is the London Underground (or ‘Tube’).  The trouble is that it’s far from time-effective. Stopping at many Tube stations along the way, the journey’s likely to take up to 50 minutes. Plus, if you’re lugging luggage around with you then you’ll quickly discover there’s limited space in a Tube carriage – and the whole thing could turn into a nightmare during weekday rush hours.


 The easiest route

An alternative to time-consuming or wallet-burning travel from Heathrow is, of course, not to travel that far in the first place. Instead of choosing a hotel in the middle of London, why not try one that’s merely a hop, skip and a jump from the airport and commute in and out of the capital (without all your luggage) each day during your stay? The advantage here isn’t just monetary and a lack of stress, but also faces the reality that if you were to stay, for instance, in the Paddington area owing to the ‘ease’ of getting there from Heathrow, you’d still have to travel about – most likely on the Tube – from that area to all the city’s attractions anyway. In which case, it’s probably worth considering a money-saving budget hotel near Heathrow Airport, like maybe the Park Grand Hounslow.

 The road route

Finally, you could take to the open highway from Heathrow in order to get to London. Granted, coaches/ buses from the airport to the capital are relatively cheap – but the downside with road travel, especially considering Britain’s oft congested road network, is that you’re at the total whim of traffic. Your journey’s likely to take at least an hour.

However, a more private style of travel is offered by a minicab or, even better, the far-from-cheap option that’s the black London taxi. Let’s face it, is there a more Big Smoke-centric way to kick-off your London short-break than rolling into town in one of those?