Two London Markets You Need To Visit


What would your trip to London be without a visit to some of its vibrant and bustling markets? Due to the diverse nature of London, the markets teem with international foods, quality vintage clothes and homeware products as well as being in some of the best areas to visit in the capital. Borough Market, near London Bridge is located just off the shores of the Thames, so not only can you experience the street feasts and trinkets of the traders but can also look over some stunning views of the city from the riverside. Brixton Market on the other hand, is right in heart of one of London’s most famous cultural hubs. A stone’s throw from arts venues such as the Ritzy and some buzzing bars, Brixton is the choice for any urban explorer trying to get to the root of London’s personality. Both Markets are definitive examples of what London has to offer visitors from the Bw Plus Park Grand Heathrow London hotel and are two pillars of London’s personality as a city.

Borough Market

Film fans may be familiar with Borough Market due to it being used as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron pub in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The market has served the people fo the Southwark area of London for over 1000 years and continues to host many food stalls, many of whom make their own produce which is delivered to the market. You know these streed vendors are experts, and the delicious aromas that seep through the air are mouth-watering testaments to this.Market

Some of the favourites in Borough Market include Applebee’s Fishmongers. These experts prepare their catches on ice and serve to their customers requirements. Their produce ranges from lobster and large Madagascan prawns to halibut, snapper, sea bass, salmon and crab. All of it is wild and line caught whenever possible.

Another favourite is the Arabica Bar and Bites whilst the Balkan Bites food vendor serves up spinach and feta pastries as well as other regional favourites which include poached eggs and plenty of humus.

Borough Market is reachable via a walk along the river or via tube and train from London Bridge Station.

Brixton Market

The Brixton Market is a community market and run by the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation Community Interest Company. This means that it is run by the traders themselves so whilst walking down the prolific Electric Avenue and Station Road from Brixton underground and train stations, you will be witness to the sites of many foodstuffs from countless different cultures.

The Farmers Market is great for finding groceries and lunchtime snacks for anybody staying at Hotels near Hounslow Central Station who want a little change from their delicious hotel food. Another great option is the retro and vintage market on the third Saturday of every month. Here you can find some bargains in fashion and second hand clothing as well as vintage homeware and even a vintage sweet store. Any food lovers and fashionistas alike will feel like a kid in a classic candy shop.