Unique Experiences You Can Only Find in London

London city

London is a city which is well known for its diverse culture. With several millennia built up to create layer upon layer of city experiences, London truly has something for everyone. Whether you are visiting the city with family or here on business, London is well known for its vast variety of events and entertainment, ensuring that whatever your tastes, you’ll find something to float your boat. Below are some of the cities more out there options, giving you experiences which retain that British sensibility, but also bring something unique to the table. Whether visiting with family, friends or colleagues, visiting these spots will mean leaving the Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel with vivid memories which you will treasure forever.

Edible Cinema

Available for private hire and working with the Curzon London cinema group on their events, the Edible Cinema experience gives you a chance to revisit some of your favourite films along with the food to suit it. These events represent a unique and ingenious way to experience cinema in the most sensory way you can, through tasting and smelling it.

Emirates Air Line

If you’re visiting the Docklands in East London or are in a hurry to get to your meeting, the Emirates Air Line offers up regular ten minute journeys from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Victoria Docks. Whilst part of the London public transport system, the Air Line is far from ordinary, giving you stunning views over the cityscape from cable cars travelling high above the East London docklands.

The Sky Garden at the Shard

Whether you visit the restaurants and bars in the iconic 20 Fenchurch Street building or not, the sky garden is open to the public between 10am and 6pm on weekdays and 11 am till 9pm on weekends. The views over the city are stunning from the observation deck, and these pristine landscaped gardens dozens of storey up in the air take up a whopping three storeys of space in the famous Shard building.

Clowns Gallery and Museum

Established in 1959, the museum of clowning in Dalston is one of the most unique museums in the city. With its archive of photographs and a wide range of other clown based memorabilia, the clown gallery and museum is a unique visit in the heart of East London. Even more quirky, is the 200 individually painted clown face eggs, used as a record of the individual faces of clowns throughout the years.

Dennis Severs House

This East London based museum gives you the chance to explore the interior of a house all the way from the year 1725 to 1919. During your visit you will be faced with rooms which reflect the eras in between, alongside objects and soundscapes, giving visitors the impression that one of the fictional Jervis family members who live there, have just left the room. This gives the museum a status as somewhere between museum and experimental art gallery.

God’s Own Junkyard

Based in walthamstow, God’s Own Junkyard is a cafe and terraced bar which truly brightens up the converted industrial estate in which it stands. With its room full of neon signs and ornaments, this unique bar and neon light exhibition attracts photographers and artists from all across the city, ensuring a memory which will be burnt onto your retinas for years to come.