Unusual things to do in London


The fascinating thing about London is even if you visit the city quite a few times, you will always find something new to do. If you pick up any tourist guide or brochure,you will see some of the more prominent tourist attractions like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle etc.As fascinating as these places are, once you have visited and explored them you need to see something new – and thankfully London has much more to offer than most cities in the world.

There many lesser known things to do and places to see in London, which make for most interesting tours for foreign tourists and visitors to the city. Some of them are as follows:

Camden Town

Camden Town

Get on the Northern line that goes North and make sure you get off at Camden Town. Upon exiting the tube station that leads to Camden High Street, you can take a right turn towards the canal. The entire area is lined with quaint shops and stalls. Once you continue to stroll down Camden High Street, you can go across the canal and come across even more places to shop. It is a perfect place for budget shoppers with dozens of little shops and stalls all over the place, which will leave you overwhelmed to decide which places to shop from. Of course it is not necessary to buy anything from here but you are bound to find something or the other that catches your fancy. You can even shop around in the market if it is raining, as parts of the market area are covered. In case you feel like grabbing a bite all you need to do is walk into the many food stalls or shops and you will find an appetizing variety of foodstuff to choose from.

Tour the haunts of Jack the Ripper

If you like getting goose bumps and have a deep interest in the macabre, there is nothing better than opting for a Jack the Ripper walking tour. You can make your bookings online with tour operators who offer this tour. You will find numerous companies offering this type of tour and you could compare prices before making your selection. Most of them charge a standard rate which is reasonable enough and you can make reservations and even print your own ticket at home. You will begin your tour of the area at East Aldgate tube station and then follow in the footsteps of the Ripper himself. The tour is conducted at night, so ensure you bring along woollens and the right footwear. Also do not forget to pack a camera and a brolly just in case it there are a few showers.You will enjoy the tour as the guides are well informed about the place’s history and the tour is most interesting. It will also acquaint you with a variety of back alleys and pubs in the area and exploring it by night is an altogether different experience.

Drop in for a bite at Pizza Express

This is not at any of the standard Pizza Express joints but rather the one that is situated just besides the Globe Theatre. One of the primary reasons is the terrific location and wonderful Italian food on offer that is a very reasonable cost. You could begin with appetizers, followed by a great meal, and dessert to complete the feast. If you have tickets to go to the Globe afterwards, even better! If not, once you cross the Millennium Foot Bridge you will catch a glimpse of the Globe while also overlooking the Thames.

St. Martin

Pay a visit to St. Martin-in-the Fields

St. Martin-in-the-Fields is a church in Trafalgar Square and must be on your travel itinerary. The crypt of the church has been transformed into a cafe, where you can dine or even have breakfast all at a very affordable price. The atmosphere is warm and intimate and the food is scrumptious to say the least. If you are a music buff you could enjoy one of performances. What makes the experience all the more special are the acoustics within the church, which give the music a whole new sound. To ensure you get a seat you can book your ticket online and after a delicious dinner you can settle in for a musical evening.

Go on a Subway Tour

It may seem a bit unusual, but actually is great fun. In case you are tired of walking around, choose a line and enjoy the trip as it unfolds to different underground stations. If you want to know more about the history of the city you will find bookstalls selling informative literature about London. You could also read up about the history of the London Tube and its many underground stations and even set out to explore the stations. The station at Aldgate is a great place to explore and looks great with another station definitely worth a visit being Balham station. There are organized tours available for some of the old stations that are in disuse and you could try to join any one of these.