Visit to Windsor Castle and Feel Royalty


If you’re visiting the UK and plan to see all the main attractions of the country, you definitely have to put a visit to Windsor Castle on your list. After all, where else can you get a feel of royalty, than in the ancestral home of the British royal family that dates back to more than a thousand years!

Windsor Castle

The castle is currently used by the Queen as a weekend home as well as, the Royal Residence where formal duties need to be undertaken from time to time. During March-April, the period known as the Easter Court, dine-and-sleep events are hosted by the Queen for some celebrities, public figures and politicians.

How to reach Windsor Castle

Situated in Windsor, Berkshire, Windsor Castle can be reached via train, coach or by road. It is typically open from March to October and November to February. While you’re there, there are many things you can do such as take a free family audio tour, a great entertainment idea for kids, where Horace, a timeless tutor, and Tommy, his pupil, will introduce you to the magical characters residing at Windsor Castle like Gilbert the Grotesque, Tipu Tiger and Cyril, a Page of the Back Stairs.

You can also learn more about the history of the castle and follow an activity trail to discover its many glorious treasures. If simple, informative guided tours are what you are looking for, you can do so at the Admission Centre and learn about the various Castle precincts.

Key attractions at Windsor Castle

The key attractions at Windsor Castle include the charmingly miniature and fully functional Queen Mary’s Doll House, the spectacularly luxurious Grand Reception Room, the sophisticated Kings’ Bedchamber and the great St. George’s Hall equipped for State Banquets. And don’t forget to see the grand Changing the Guard ceremony that is carried out at 11 am every morning at the Lower Ward.