Ways to beat the rush at the Airport


If you are flying in to Heathrow, you can expect to be overwhelmed by the crowds of travellers and passengers that populate the airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the whole of Europe and offers more than 180 destinations. During the tourist peak season and holidays, there are thousands of passengers arriving and departing on a daily basis. With so much of activity going aroundit is indeed admirable that the airport staff work like clockwork to expedite the check-in and departure processes for so many passengers on a daily basis.


To facilitate travelling, especially if you are a first time traveller to London, it would be advisable to choose a hotel close to the airport. Finding the best hotel to stay near Heathrow Airport will not be a problem as there plenty of fine hotels to be found in the area. This will help you to save on time commuting to and from the airport which can make your trip more stress free. To choose the best hotel to stay near Heathrow Airport you will need to spend some time and effort online to find one that meets your requirements.

As security is tight because of terror threats,Heathrow also has heightened security measures in place. This is essential to ensure the safety and security of all travellers despite the delays that may occur. Passengers need to be more accommodating for these measures and a good way to relieve the stress would be to adopt ways to minimise transit times at the airport. How do you achieve this? By following a few simple steps such as:

Being aware of hand luggage restrictions

One of the major reasons for hold-ups and long queues is lack of knowledge of hand luggage restrictions that are enforced by the airport authorities. Allpassengers can carry only a single item of hand per person and the dimensions must meet those laid down by the airline carrier. The exact details can be got from the airport or the airline. The dimensions may vary between airlines so it is always better to confirm the specifications before you pack your luggage for travel. As the cabin baggage is restricted to a single item you will need to ensure that any other handbags must fit within the cabin baggage item. If you are carrying a laptop it should fit within the hand baggage, or else it will be considered as the one cabin baggage item allowed. Also any gifts which form part of hand luggage must fit into the single bag you are carrying.

Liquids& Gels

In case you plan to carry any sort of liquid, aerosol or gel it can only be in individual 100ml containers. Nothing larger or exceeding 100 ml is permitted. It also needs to be carried in a re-sealable bag that is transparent and must not exceed 1 litre capacity whose measurements must be a maximum of 20 x 20 cm. Preferably all liquids, foam and gels should be kept in the check-in luggage. This also includes cosmetics such as perfumes, deodorants, shower gels and toothpaste, shaving foam etc. For more detailed information contact the airline or airport.


In case there are certain essential medications that exceed the prescribed quantity of 100 ml you will need to seek authorisation from the airport authorities prior to departure. You will need to get written authentication from the concerned airport authorities for which you will need to submit supporting documentation from your medical physician.

Advance check-in

There are certain airlines that may offer online check-in of up to 24 hours in advance and allow you to print your own boarding passes. This will help you to save a considerable amount of time.

Currency foreign exchange

Instead of joining a long queue at the airport currency exchange counter you can save time and buy any foreign currency online, prior to departure. The cost applicable will be about the same as that charged by a bank or travel agent.

Check-in to a hotel close to the airport the night before

One of the best ways to save time is to check in at an airport hotel the night prior to your flight’s departure. You will save on time and unwanted stress of being stuck in heavy traffic which might hamper you reaching the airport in time. If your airline allows you to check-in your baggage 24 hours before the flight, drop in at the airport deposit your luggage and get a good night’s rest at the airport hotel. It will help you be relaxed and stress free on the day of your flight.

Travelling to the airport &parking

With security measures becoming more stringent most UK airports have restricted access of vehicles to airport terminals. There are instead designated pick-up and drop-off zones available in the car parks. All of this adds to the time it takes to reach your departure terminal. Also as far as possible make use of public transport and in case this is not for you then opt for meet and greet parking. These valet parkingareas are perfect for those who are travelling with kids or heavy baggage and have their own designated parking zones.
These are a few ways by which you can reduce the time you spend in long queues waiting to board the flight.