What Will London Be Like in a Hundred Years?


There can be a lot of conjectures regarding what London will be like in a hundred years from now but one thing is absolutely certain that the city will see a lot of developments in all spheres of life, mainly because of its inherent adventurous spirit that had once seen it to be the dominant power of the world ruling over far flung areas.


  • Whether we consider the scenario of highly eco-efficient constructions in the form of skyscrapers lining its horizon in an endless maze of a concrete jungle or whether we consider the developments in the social media where smart phone applications will rule the roost in practically every aspect of life, the usage of these applications will be felt in unimaginable areas of life. For example, imagine a situation where subscribers will be able to use a new app that will let them see live footage of the inside of a nightclub to assess how busy it is and the type of music being played. The subscriber will stay at home till such time as he likes what he sees and then only head to the venue. The irony of the situation could be that such a time will never come as most people will remain at home on their phones.
  • Many different scenarios can be imagined with museums being replaced with interactive experiences via the internet and fashion designers replacing models with coat hangers claiming that the clothes will look much better on them rather than on live models. However, not everything will be gloomy as engineering works on all lines will be finally completed to a high standard and the new transport system will hardly ever break down. Huge investments will be made in recycling items like household waste and food in supermarkets that are nearing their expiry dates and hence cannot be sold.

What appeared like a dream a hundred years back is now a reality and similarly what we are imagining today could well be a reality in the next hundred years. All that we need are a few dreamers.