What’s On in Hounslow for 2015


London is a massive city and something is always on to keep a visitor entertained. Whether you’re in town for a magical Christmas holiday or action-packed summer days, every part of town hosts year-round events and you’re sure to find something fun to do.


Many tourists head for central London to make the most of their holidays, but smart travellers know that when major events are on, the city centre becomes very crowded. It can also be highly expensive to stay there if you haven’t managed to find a good hotel deal. Instead of following the crowd, try heading for the outskirts of the city. These leafy suburbs are home to parks, stadiums and all-day events that are perfect for couples or the whole family.

If you arrive in London via Heathrow Airport, West London is your best bet for fun attractions and events. Heathrow Airport is connected to the rest of London via the Piccadilly Line, which takes you directly to famous landmarks like Piccadilly Circus. But if you’re just stopping over in London and you’ve seen the big tourist attractions before, you’ll save time, money and effort by staying near Heathrow.

There are some beautiful hotels in Hounslow, the closest neighbourhood to Heathrow – such as the Park Grand Heathrow, a four-star gem that provides everything a weary traveller could desire. Hounslow is also home to a wealth of exciting events in 2015, from genteel flower shows to adrenaline-fuelled rugby matches. There’s no need to subject yourself to a long Tube ride and the crowds of central London when there’s so much to do just minutes from the airport.

This year if you’re looking for excitement and a taste of English sporting tradition, head to Twickenham Stadium. In August and September, two matches of the QBE International Rugby Tournament will be held here. England will play France on August 15th, and Ireland on September 5th. It promises to be a perfect late-summer day out, watching the home team go up against its close rivals in a battle of brawn and skill.

Coming up in March, the Kempton Steam and Railway Weekend and Exhibition will delight kids and the young at heart. The exhibition will run in Hanworth from Saturday 21st March until Sunday 22nd March, featuring the world’s biggest functioning triple-expansion steam pumping engine. At 1000 tons and 62 feet in height, it truly is a monster. Take the family for a ride on Darent, a steam train more than 100 years old, and enjoy tea and homemade cakes for a quintessentially English day out.

Chiswick House

The Kempton Steam Museum will also be hosting a Classic Car and Bike Show on September 27th, 2015. Petrol-heads will love the display of vintage motors as well as ramped-up supercars and shiny commercial vehicles. It’s bound to make for great holiday snaps to show loved ones back home.

Closest of all, the Chiswick House Camellia Show begins on the 28th of February and lasts until the 29th of March. See rare varieties of these enchanting flowers, including one of the only two examples of Middlemist’s Red in the entire world. Entry is completely free and camellia plants will be on sale for you to take home as a completely unique souvenir.

There’s no need for you to be at a loss for things to do in Hounslow. This conveniently located neighbourhood is packed with events and attractions to make your London stay memorable.