Why you should go to a Rugby game in London in 2015


This September, the Rugby World Cup will be taking place across England. Naturally, those planning a summer vacation in London would do well by booking their stay around this time. Besides, it’s when the heatwave of the summer has passed, with temperatures dipping to a cooler breeze. London is home to a lot of activities and attractions. For instance: the Water Parks in London, the monuments and museums, or the range of Royal Parks in the capital. But when there’s a sporting event of this magnitude taking place, then there’s even more reason to visit the capital.

rugby event

The First game of the Rugby World Cup 2015 is between England and Fiji on the 18th September at Twickenham Stadium. If you have visited London before, and want to see more – going to the World Cup gives you a great reason to explore the rest of the UK. The venues that have been picked this year are: The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Brighton Community Stadium, Elland Road, Manchester City Stadium, Sandy Park, Leicester City Stadium, Twickenham Stadium, St James Park, Villa Park, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Twickenham Stadium. Staying at the best hotels in London will afford you the opportunity to go to some of these venues. Prices for games will cost between £7 and £15.

Pubs across the capital in places near the Hotels in Hounslow will be screening the Rugby games. So those who don’t manage to get access to tickets in time will still be able to enjoy all of the festivities and the passion at these venues. Over the years, London has been home to numerous sporting events, and each time pubs across the landscape have been showing games and also one can stay in the hotels near Rugby World Cup – whether it be for the NFL Tournament which took place in 2009, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games or more. This year will be no exception. The values of sport will be bringing everyone together, and this is perhaps the last time an event like this will be taking place here.

This year, visitors to the capital of London have a wonderful chance for lovers of sport to embrace a fantastic sporting event. For lovers of Rugby, it’s something to not be missed – especially with the vast array of London Heathrow Hotels. And for those who are simply curious about the sport and have never been to a rugby game, then booking a game at the Olympic stadium is a fantastic option. On the other hand, those who are less interested by sport would still do well by visiting one of the nearby pubs by the Park Grand Heathrow Hotel in London and watching a game.