Windsor Castle Tours: A Delightful Journey


One of the principal residences of Queen Elizabeth, Windsor Castle is a major tourist attracting destination of England. The castle is located 21 miles away from Charing Cross and southern part of River Thames in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire.

Windsor is not only known for having the castle but it is also considered as hoe to the major attractions of England. Some of the most vibrant tourist attractive spots are namely Cliveden House, Savill Garden, Eton’s French Market, Legoland, Hughenden Manor and many others. Windsor also takes pride in housing its self-proclaimed shopping district along Peacod Street which has been famous for satisfying every shopper with a plethora of branded products.

Royal Legacy

The British royal family has been the permanent residents of the castle. The most extensively designed royal residence of Windsor Castle was built by King William 1 who was also famous as William the Conqueror. The Castle spreads out 13 acres of parklands which in general surround the royal palace including St. George’s Chapel, gardens, Frogmore House at the northern end. The royal abode’s delightful aura has got a beautiful charm of its own and with the exquisitely designed monarchs, the Windsor Castle looks more wonderful.

Take a tour to the Castle

The travelers get an access to the spectacularly exquisite royal apartments which had been popular for housing the British Monarchs for an extensive period of almost 900 long years. The royal rooms of the Castle are innovatively designed in the likes of Rembrandt, Canaletto, Gainsborough, Rubens, etc. An experienced travel operator can take you out on a tour to the St. George’s Chapel architecture which is one of the prime attractions of the castle. The historic fare and exhibitions too pull the maximum crowd to the Winsor’s Castle.

If you are looking forward to witness the residence of the British legacy thoroughly then you must stay at a hotel near Windsor Castle which would certainly be making your trip to the Castle a convenient affair. Otherwise, if you stay far away from the spot, you would be missing out on a whole lot of cultural as well as travelling activities taking place in the country. Park Grand Heathrow is one of the hotels which is situate near Heathrow airport and is also not far away from the Windsor Castle which makes it easy to travel to the Castle as and when desired.