Witness QIPCO British Champions Day 2014 with élan


The path breaking event which is organized by the QIPCO British Champions Series is what the whole world looks up to. It is that time of the year when all eyes are strictly glued to the race courses which is also marked as the most important day in British racing history. The ASCOT Resources are what everyone is willing to look forward to during the ongoing racing event. This day in Britain history is going to witness the active participation of probably the best horses and jockeys from different parts of the world who will be chasing the enticing price money. The final races will take place in the five categories of QIPCO British Champions Series. This race day will be remembered by every visitor for a lifetime as it is hard to forget. If you have not been to a racing event ever and are planning to visit London during the ongoing British Champions Series, ten it will be a treat for you to witness a packed crowd at the venue who are cheering up loudly for the best jockey and his horse to win the race. It is indeed a proud moment where you get to see the nest jockeys chasing each other for winning the record breaking prize money of £3.75 million. Your trip to London is definitely going to get much better of you plan it effectively. Generally, people travelling along with their family have got many other sight-seeing places to visit which does not really permit them to reschedule the trip for following their own instincts and going to a race course for witnessing the champion series. If you ar eon your honeymoon period, then it depends upon your wife whether she is going to spend one romantic day out of your holiday plans o witness horse racing events. Again, if you are on a business travel to the world capital, then also it depends upon your work commitments. If you can complete your work on time, then you can think of visiting the race course venue to pamper your mood by having an eventful day. Just the way a woman feels pure blss when she is left out in the Oxford Street where she can shop till her heart gets contented, similarly a man feels privileged enough to watch the live British Champions Day before his eyes. It si an amazing opportunity to witness the best vying of sports achieving the crown of immortality in sport activities on Ascot’s gloriously historic turf. Nothing can get better than this. In fact, you will be feeling to have a complete vacation after experiencing this day standing right at the venue. The day also gets to surprise by arranging a host of other exciting activities. This year, the event will get much more popularity among the visitors who are students as the first 2000 students who will be registering in advance is likely to get inside the podium for free. Yes, you have read it right. If you are a student and also open of the first 2000 students to register before the scheduled date, then you can actually get to win an absolutely free ticket which will be making your holiday even more interesting. The first two years have been seen to garnered huge success. Those who follow the British Champions Series with a closer view, are well acquainted with the victorious fact of the thrilling finale which was held in the year 2012. Frankel was seen to be signing off the event with an unbeaten record in the QIPCO Champion Series. That day created history as well as an enthusiastic atmosphere where the thousands and thousands of race goers have admitted it to be a glorious day in the history of British racing. That day also marked to be a delightful day in the lives of the race goers who have keenly followed the sport for a long period of time and have never seen something as amazing as it was on that day.

Although there was no Frankel in the year 2013, but it did not extract away the air of sensationalization from its ambiance. Last year’s racing event was as thrilling as it was in the preceding year. Last year, the racing venue has witnessed the active participation of 20 individuals who have successfully won Group 1 and aimed a winning the titles. Two of them won the title. One of them, Olympic Glory bagged the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes while the other one in the name of Farhh contently took away the QIPCO Champion Stakes

British Champions Day 2014 is going to be another remarkable day in the history of British racing. With the likes of Kingman, Australia, The Grey Gatsby, Estimate, Toronado, Brown Panther, etc, all are set to make this year’s British Champions Day a treat to watch. So if you will be visiting London at this point of time, then make sure not to miss this would be historic day for any reasons.

The British Champions Day is a horse race meeting which is held every year in the moth of October at Ascot Racecourse. This event usually is highlighted as one of the most famous events which people look forward to attend. Thousands of race goers make sure to attend this event as this day also embarks to be the richest day in British horse racing where the winner gets to win the Champions title along with whopping prize money of about £3.75 million.

Things get easier if you get to put up at a hotel which keeps you close to the Ascorts Racecourse. It is extremely important to stay in a place from where you could easily travel to the major travel destinations. If you have plans to witness the British Champions Day to be held at Ascorts Racecourse this year, then make sure to put up at a hotel which is located next to the venue. If you stay at Park Grand London Heathrow, you will easily be able to reach the race course venue bang on time without having to miss a single breath taking moment.