Wyke Green Golf Club Events October 2014


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Staying at Park Grand London Heathrow would be beneficial for you if you have plans to visit the golf clubs during your stay. The hotel is located within ac close proximal distance from the Wyke Green Golf Club which is mainly beautiful parkland and is situated in West London. You can reach the golf club within a few minutes by availing the nearest mode of transport. Golfing is a great idea to relax your mind especially when you are in a vacation and away from the usual routine lifestyle where you have to stay stuck with the prior work commitments.  While playing golf in abroad, make sure to follow the below mentioned suggestions which can be helpful for you during your next trip to London

  • Carry your passport
  • Do not over do anything before playing golf as it seems to destroy your stamina
  • Pack different types of clothes for the golfing breaks according to the weather requirements

There are various events which are supposed to be taking place in Wyke Green Golf Club in the month of October starting from the 1st and extending to the end of the month.


01 Oct 14 Wed Winter Rules Apply
Midweek Stableford Anytime
02 Oct 14 Thu Ladies Stableford
03 Oct 14 Fri Friday Night Supper 6.00pm-9.00pm
04 Oct 14 Sat Tennant Eastman Trophy
Anne Neave Trophy
05 Oct 14 Sun Mens & Ladies Summer Finals
06 Oct 14 Mon
07 Oct 14 Tue
08 Oct 14 Wed Midweek Medal Anytime
Rabbits v Sudbury (A) 10.30am
09 Oct 14 Thu
10 Oct 14 Fri Karerz4kidz Charity Day
11 Oct 14 Sat Texas Scramble
Ladies Autumn Meeting
12 Oct 14 Sun Monthly Medal (Sullivan Putters Rnd 2) Anytime
13 Oct 14 Mon Rabbits v Stanmore (H) 10.30am
14 Oct 14 Tue
15 Oct 14 Wed Midweek Stableford Anytime
16 Oct 14 Thu Foxes – VGS- Ladies – Rabbits 11.00am
17 Oct 14 Fri Friday Night Supper 6.00pm-9.00pm
18 Oct 14 Sat Diwali Cup Competition and Function Booked
19 Oct 14 Sun Ladies Stableford
20 Oct 14 Mon
21 Oct 14 Tue
22 Oct 14 Wed Midweek Medal Anytime
23 Oct 14 Thu Ladies Medal (Woodward Cup)
24 Oct 14 Fri Friday Night Supper 6.00pm-9.00pm
25 Oct 14 Sat Monthly Stableford Anytime
26 Oct 14 Sun Ryanson Trophy Final
BST Ends (GMT)
Ladies Medal (Woodward Cup)
27 Oct 14 Mon
28 Oct 14 Tue
29 Oct 14 Wed Midweek Stableford Anytime
Andy Soutar Trophy (Junior)
Junior AGM
30 Oct 14 Thu
31 Oct 14 Fri Friday Night Supper 6.00pm-9.00pm