Wyke Green Golf Course


The British love football, but Golf has also made its place in the hearts of the English people. The Wyke Green Golf Course is testimony to that fact with its sprawling greens and numerous enthusiastic golfers all about.


The Wyke Green Golf Course is located in Isleworth and is just nine miles from Central London and six miles from Heathrow. You can also reach by train, with the Syon Lane station being just a short walk away. The Wyke Green area is said to be more than three hundred years old. The course was constructed by W.H. Tate, an Osterley resident, in 1928, when he began the construction of a 14-hole course in three hay fields. Today it is surrounded by lush green trees, home to a wide variety of wildlife. Through continuous efforts for the upkeep the place, the golf course has improved immensely over the years and has been used by the Middlesex County Golf Union for numerous matches and championships. It is known throughout the golfing community a classic parkland course to look up to.

Since the location of the Wyke Green Golf Course is so central, surrounded by some of the largest corporations of UK, it is also considered the ideal place to hold corporate golf events and tournaments.


The Wyke Green Golf Course has a long list of members but is open to visitors as well. They are allowed to play on the course and make use of facilities such as changing rooms, practice nets, putting green, chipping area and the halfway house. Lady members are also encouraged to play and enjoy both social and competitive games here, and are currently 60 in number. Visiting golf societies are also welcome to the course and have been coming to play at the Wyke Greens for over twenty years. Proper golfing attire or smart casuals is a must, however.

It is a one-of-a-kind experience to come and indulge in the sport here at Wyke Green Golf Course, and you must include it in your list of things to do in and around London.