Your guide to Heathrow Airport


Airports don’t necessarily always provide the greatest of experiences. Travellers can often experience delayed flights, lost baggage, and long waiting times. Besides, transporting yourself to a different time zone, as you possibly also skimp out on sleep and healthy nutrition, can provide an enormous amount of stress. In this post, we’ll be guiding on how you can best navigate Heathrow so that you venture into the city of London with peace of mind and comfort. Ideally, you’ll want to start your experience in London starting with your best foot forward. So let’s see what you can do to help make that happen.

"Heathrow Airport"There are plenty of great hotels around the airport

Hotels in Hounslow are abundant, so if you’re looking for an accommodation that nestles you right by Heathrow, you’ll be in luck. The Park Grand London Heathrow puts you in close vicinity of Heathrow, meaning you can venture in and out of the city with ease. With the Heathrow express trains, you can find yourself right in the heart of London in less than 30 minutes.

But if you need to access central London on a daily basis, it might be more appropriate for you to book accommodation in Paddington due to substantial expenses with using the Heathrow Express train. For business minded travellers who plan on staying in London for a shorter period, waiting in Heathrow is the better choice.

At the airport, your best bet for quality food is one of the Pret A Manger outlets, available in all terminal departure lounges. If you prefer a discounted rate, for the compromise of a slightly lower quality, then the Boot’s meal for a sandwich, snack and drink work out well. If you’re after a full leisurely meal, then you can find some restaurants such as Strada: the Italian restaurant.

Premium lounges

If you’re looking to kill some time during your wait for a flight, then you can enjoy the no1traveller lounge, which exists to make you feel as good as possible before your departure. With a spa, pod bedrooms, and more, the no1 lounges put the glamour back in travel.