Up and coming restaurants in London 2020


We’re a few months in to 2020 and we’ve already seen lots of new shops, stores and restaurants popping up around London. Famed for its dining scene, London is home to hundreds of various restaurants so it makes sense that there’s going to be new ones too. And so far we’ve seen some great new places to eat. If you’re staying at the Park Grand Hotel in Hounslow during a stopover, then get your tastebuds ready as we look at the up and coming restaurants in London 2020.

A quick tip

Whether you’re looking for accomodation near Heathrow, have already planned somewhere to stay or are travelling into London from elsewhere, it’s always good to have somewhere to head back to after eating. Of course, this could just be home but if you’re travelling from afar or have flown in to Heathrow, it’s always worth checking out Heathrow hotel deals in London. That way you’ll get the best price, a great place to stay and have your foundations laid so you can go out and enjoy one of the hot-shot restaurants before retiring for the evening.

Unique, boutique and it comes with dining

Obviously we’d be remiss not to mention The Park Grand Heathrow restaurant, named The Grill. It offers a range of different, exciting dining options for every taste and choice. If you’re after a home cooked dinner or a tantalising full english breakfast, you’ll find it at The Grill, any day of the week. There’s also the famed Park Grand London Heathrow buffet that keeps our guests happy and full. In fact, not only is there a breakfast buffet to help you power on through the day, but our fixed price world buffet has over 40 international dishes. With four international chefs working away, you can take your pick from pan asian, indian and continental cuisines. If that’s got you salivating a bit already, just wait until you try it out.

Aiken’s return

Tom Aikens returns to fine dining with the opening of his Muse restaurant in Belgravia. With a six or ten-course tasting menu to choose from, it’s not just a case of fine food in front of you. Chef Aikens has created each dish to be connected to one of his own memories or someone from his life. An interesting take on food and one that’s definitely worth trying out.

Head upstairs to the Treehouse

Dominique Ansel is famous as a pastry chef. If you’ve ever tried a Cronut then you’ve got him to thank for it. So when we heard that a new restaurant was opening up under the Ansel banner it’d be easy to assume that it’d be another high-end London bakery. That’s not the case. Based in Covent Garden, this two-tiered building does have a bakery aspect to it downstairs, ideal for anyone wanting baked goods to takeaway. And if you’re in Covent Garden, you must treat yourself to one of his new dishes! But upstairs is an exciting new bistro, with a treehouse type look but it’s not just the layout that looks interesting, the menu does too! Puff pastry dishes, pasta and desserts that include classic apple tarte tatin are just some of what you can expect. Better get yourself into central London to try it out.

Have you tried Nigerian tapas?

Chuku’s Nigerian tapas has been massively popular in the east London area with the various pop-up restaurants. Good news for 2020 is that Chuku’s now has a permanent address in Tottenham. Founded by brother and sister duo, Emeka and ifeyinwa Frederick, Chuku’s pop-ups have massed an army of fans due to their artistic vibe, food flavours and colourings and contemporary take on Nigerian tapas. But now they have a fixed address you won’t have to worry about missing out on your kuli kuli or popular jollof quino. There are now more items on the menu for you to enjoy, including a full drinks menu which they couldn’t offer before.

When Mexico meets the UK

Sure, there are plenty of Mexican inspired restaurants in London but forget about the big brands. In 2020, Kol combines Mexican cuisine with UK ingredients. Santiago Lastra, the man behind Noma Mexico brings his own restaurant to London after having spent years sourcing his British suppliers. So expect to see food brought in from the Scottish coastline and herbs from farms in Hertfordshire. The result includes dishes such as lamb leg tostada cured in gooseberries and langoustine tacos with sea buckthorn. Not something you’d see in Chimichanga! The menu wll change from season to season so there’s always something new to enjoy. Based in Marylebone, the 56-seater dining room has an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs in action at the tortilla station.

The Connaught Grill returns

The Mayfair hotel, The Connaught is relaunching its grill. And it’s about time. Closed in 2000, the famous restaurants had been providing the good residents and visitors of London with amazing food from acclaimed chefs for almost 50 years. So after a 20 year absence it’s good to see it back. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten will be running the kitchen, serving up a contemporary grill menu, with an homage to some of the classic menus of the old Connaught. There will be pies of the day, main courses straight from the grill, including veal chop or roasted caraflex cabbage and classic desserts like Baked Alaska, just to name a few. When The Connaught Grill was open, it was famous for hot-shot celebs and even royalty to dine there. Princess Diana had lunch there, Michael Caine supped while filming and even the Queen Mother opened the new kitchens in 1992. Who knows who you’ll see this time round.

There are many new restaurants opening up (or re-opening) in 2020 and we’re excited to try them all. From exotic contemporary cuisine to the classics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And it’s not just the food, it’s the experience that comes with it too. Book yourself in to the Park Grand Heathrow and you’ll be ideally situated to explore all the up and coming restaurants in London.