Discover Hobbledown- London’s Largest Adventure Playground for Kids 


Family holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones and exploring things and places together. Plan an extraordinary day out with the kids during your trip to London at Hobbledown Heath. Nestled moments away from our boutique hotel near Hounslow Central Tube Station, this unique destination offers an escape from the mundane. Blending imagination with the beauty of the natural world, Hounslow’s Hobbledown Heath is sure to transport you and the little ones into a realm of discovery and adventure.  

About the Hobbledown Heath Adventure 

Named after the mythical Hobbledown creatures, this one-of-a-kind adventure park in west London is just minutes away from a stay near Heathrow Airport. Plan a fantastic day out with the kids and discover an exciting world of imaginative play set in an enchanting woodland.  

Immerse yourself in the wonders of four themed villages while the kids explore a labyrinth of underground tunnels, secret passages, and aerial walkways and meet a variety of zoo and farm animals. Perfect for weekend adventures and days out, Hobbledown Heath is geared towards kids aged 2 to 13 years to loosen up and let their imaginations run free.  

Don’t wait to book a conveniently located stay near Heathrow Airport with our exclusive London hotel deals and special offers while enjoying easy access to experience Hobbledown Heath in Hounslow. Here’s a list of the best things to do and make the most of your time here.   

Things To Do 

Meet Adorable Animals 

Hobbledown is working to contribute its bit to protecting animals and the environment at large, which is why it is home to hundreds of incredible animals that you can meet. From exotic animals like capybaras, giant tortoises, and parrots to farm animals like highland cattle, get up close with your favourite animals and learn about their natural behaviours. Settle in for daily talks, animal encounters and interactive demonstrations, making for a brilliant family day out.  

The Great Barn 

You cannot visit Hobbledown Heath and miss out on a visit to the Great Barn! It is West London’s largest indoor play barn and has bag loads of fun in store for everyone. Plan your visit with the kids as they explore a magical world of indoor play and adventure. Climb and barrel through tunnels, enjoy high-thrill speed slides, engage in interactive play, and let loose in the crochet wonderland with the Whammock. Don’t forget to swing side to side on the giant crochet balls and explore the mystical adventure playground.  

Birds of Prey 

Did you know that Hobbledown Heath is also home to a magnificent range of birds of prey? Visit and enjoy meet and greets, and public flying demonstrations or if you can’t get enough, book your very own face-to-face experience. Take a stroll around the Coda Falconry Centre, see the birds rest in their aviaries, and read fascinating facts about the species on display.  

The Mining Village 

True to its name, the Mining Village is where you can search for precious stones and gems hidden deep beneath the heath and climb up the water tower where the kids can enjoy an array of fun activities! 

Wilderness Wood 

At the Wilderness Wood playground, explore giant willow trees, and vines in their stunning treehouses and creepers. Find your way through the trees, climb up high and listen out for the birds! 

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