Your Guide To King Charles III’s Coronation


The eyes of the world will be on London during the first weekend in May, as the nation’s first coronation for 70 years takes place at the stunning Westminster Abbey.

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Now here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the coronation weekend.  

Friday the 5th of May

On Friday the city will be in preparation mode- although the party will have already begun in pubs and bars around the city as they will be allowed to stay open for 2 extra hours.

The parade route will be constructed and large parts of the city centre will be closed- so be aware that above ground travel might be affected.

Saturday the 6th of May

This the day of the coronation itself, so let’s take a look at what you can expect:

The King’s Procession

The Procession will begin at Buckingham Palace then head under Admiralty Arch before turning onto Whitehall, then it will be a clear shot to Westminster Abbey.

It’s a significantly shorter route than the late Queen took 70 years ago, but will give ample opportunity for the people to line the streets and catch a glimpse of the King and Queen as they make their way through the city centre.  

The Crowning Ceremony

Next up is the Crowning Ceremony taking place within Westminster Abbey.

There will be hundreds of guests and dignitaries from all over the world in attendance, and the Archbishop of Canterbury will be performing the coronation. 

The King will be adorned with the customary crown, sceptre and orb, then take the oath that secures the process. Each element represents the nation, the people and the power of the royals given to them by god; the oath ensures that the commonwealth will be ruled over with equality, justice and fairness.

The Anointing Ceremony

The King will be anointed with holy oil, consecrated in the Vatican itself especially for this occasion.

All of these events will be televised for the world to see.

Post Ceremony

Once the ceremony has been completed the King and Queen will make their way back to Buckingham Palace for a banquet and reception.

The King will then delegate roles to Royal family members- and the celebrations will begin.

There will be parties and fireworks throughout the city, so just get out there and join in! 

The 7th and 8th of May

The 7th will see a series of public picnics across the city, and indeed the country, called the Coronation Big Lunch.

This will be swiftly followed by the magical Coronation Concert where Britain’s greatest talents will perform at the gorgeous Windsor Castle.

The 8th will be a day where all are encouraged to volunteer in their local communities- something that is very important to the new King.

Look out for the Big Help Out for more information.

Coronation London

So there you have it, everything you need to know about London during the coronation weekend.

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