6 Most Magical ‘The Crown’ Filming Locations in and Around London


Are you a fan of the highly acclaimed Netflix show, The Crown? If you’re planning a trip to London, you’ll be glad to know that the popular show has been filmed in and around the capital for the most part! From grand mansions to theatres, make sure to explore these iconic locations as you reserve an enviably located stay at one of the luxurious hotels near Heathrow Airport!

Lancaster House, St. James’s

At just a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, you’ll find the neoclassical, 19th century mansion, Lancaster House. As you’re here, you’ll be able to recognise the location from some of the show’s most iconic scenes! These include when Diana roller skates her way through Buckingham Palace’s corridors! But that’s not all as the mansion also features in blockbusters like the Oscar-winner The King’s Speech.

Hedsor House & Park, Maidenhead

If you’re looking to explore one of The Crown’s filming locations around London, Maidenhead is only moments away from your stay at one of the exquisite hotels near Heathrow station!

The Italianate-style Hedsor House and Park on the Buckinghamshire border overlooks the majestic river Thames! It is not just a fine location for filming but also a splendid wedding venue! Featured in the fourth season of The Crown, doubling as Downing Street where Gillian Anderson has her portrait photoshoot, you must include this one on your list!

P.S. The grand location has also been featured in The Golden Compass and Fleabag!

London Coliseum Theatre, Charing Cross

One of the most popular The Crown filming locations includes the luxurious London Coliseum Theatre, which is also the largest one in the West End. Not only can you plan a visit to the theatre to catch enchanting ballet, opera and dance performances but also watch a Royal Variety Show here with your family!

Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury

The fabulous French-inspired Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury is owned by the National Trust. Plan your visit to this neoclassical building with a dreamy appeal, as it has been heavily

featured in the fifth season of The Crown. Since the building is based on the chateau of France, it comes as no surprise that the building was chosen to double as The Ritz in Paris.

Remember, Waddesdon’s grounds are open for visitors to enjoy from Wednesday to Sunday!

The Lyceum Theatre, Strand

Without a doubt, one of London’s favourite theatres is The Lyceum Theatre on Wellington Street. Another charming West End theatre that you must include on your list, The Lyceum featured in The Crown’s most popular scenes. This includes the Season Two shot, where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are dressed to attend a post-war gala even in London!

Wrotham Park, Barnet

Lying just north of Barnet, you’ll find the magnificent Wrotham Park, a palladium mansion that takes pride in its place on a whopping 2500-acre estate! Its role in The Crown series is that of the Gatcombe Park aka Princess Anne’s Gloucestershire country pile!

It’s always a good idea to make the most of a long Heathrow layover or spend some time exploring exclusive attractions and landmarks in and around London! So, keep an eye out for the best Heathrow hotel deals and never miss out on a chance to experience London’s charm while you enjoy easy access to the airport!