A guide that simplifies your first visit to the London Heathrow Airports


Visiting London for the first time can be overwhelming for some. To begin with getting through its massive airports, its many connections and transfers can become a challenge for many. To simplify your first experience in London, that is at the London airport whether you are travelling in or out of the city this blog is an ideal guide. Having a good read of this blog will give you some smart tips and information that will make your first visit to the massive and busy airport smooth and easy.

London Heathrow Airports
To begin with, a smart thing to do is to book your stay in a nice budget hotel near Heathrow airport. This will make your transfer from the city to the airport and vice versa super smooth and easy. Plus, you can easily access central London from via the efficient and reliable tube, bus and train system of London.

Here’s a list of things you need to know before you visit the London airport:

  • London’s Heathrow airports has 4 terminals (Terminal 2,3,4 and 5. There is no terminal 1 anymore) and there is an airport in the heart of the city called the London city airport. Before landing you must ensure which terminal you are landing at. This will make it easy for you to gather knowledge about that terminal, book a stay close to that terminal. Though you will be delighted to know that all terminals are located close to each other. You can book your stay at the Park Grand Hounslow hotel and enjoy a luxurious stay as well stay well-connected to London city centre.
  • You can have a different terminal where you fly and a different terminal from where you fly out. Please be in the know of which terminal you are flying in and out from so that you can plan your travels and stay accordingly. Each terminal is equipped to do its own check-in, security, boarding, luggage drop etc.
  • The best way to find out where your flight is landing or taking-off from is from your booking agent, on your ticket or via the airline as well as Heathrow website.
  • While flying out please ensure you reach the airport 2-3 hours prior to your check-in time. All Heathrow airports are busy at all times of the day and you can experience queues at security and check-in. Plus, the boarding gates can sometimes be far and walking to them can take a while. To ensure you reach your boarding gate on time and don’t miss your flight factor in these possible delays and reach the airport at least a couple of hours before your flight.
  • London is a busy city and unless you have checked in a hotel near the airport, you can experience some traffic if you are coming to the airport via a cab. The fastest way to reach the airport is through the Hounslow Tube station or a tube station near your hotel. Tubes are the least effected by traffic and therefore take less time for you to reach the airport.
  • If you quickly get done via your security and check-in, don’t worry. All London Heathrow airports offer a variety of shops, sitting areas and eating joints where you can comfortably spend your time as well as indulge in some duty-free shopping.
  • The well-connected London city offers various mediums of transports for you to reach the airport. You can use the National Express Bus service, or the Heathrow Express from Central London, there is the option of tube, trains and buses too. If you are heavy on luggage you can take the London Black cab, a mini-cab or an Uber. But these options are expensive than the rest.
  • For all international travellers you have to fill in a landing card. So, keep a pen handy with you. This will speed up things for you at the immigration line and the boarder control.
  • You get free wi-fi at all Heathrow airports.
  • The loos and other amenities at the airport are family friendly.