8 Amazing Events You Don’t Want to Miss in London September 2019


With savvy planning, you can see a lot of great things during any trip, but sometimes you simply need a bit of luck to catch a big event while you are in town.

But, if your destination is London, you will have a chance to witness a wide variety of public events, some of which take place every year while others may be happening only once. The offering is particularly strong during the late summer, so visitors who plan to take advantage of favourable Heathrow hotel deals in September will almost certainly find a lot of interesting places to visit while they are in town.

It’s impossible to cover every public event taking place in London in September 2019, as there is simply too much going on to mention here. But, the following selection is a start, and each visitor can find a few more events that appeal to his or her personal interests.

Here’s what’s on in London in Septermber 2019:

Changing of the Guard

While this ceremony can be observed daily in front of the Buckingham Palace throughout the year, it should be high on the must-see list for every first-time London visitor.

London royal guard

The march of the traditionally dressed guardsmen is a spectacle that represents London’s history and flair for theatrics, and if you are coming in September, you stand a pretty solid chance of watching it in nice weather.

Keep in mind that Changing of the Guard only happens once per day, and be prepared to get up early in order to reach central London in time to find a good place. The ceremony starts at 10:45 AM and lasts only about 45 minutes, but if you arrive at the last minute you might run into a large crowd that blocks your view.

BBC Proms

This two-month festival of classical music culminates in September with a series of extraordinary concerts.

prom celebration

The Proms festival has a long tradition dating back to late 19th century, and is still regarded as one of the most significant cultural events in Britain. It’s organised and broadcast by BBC, with most concerts taking place in the Royal Albert Hall. In recent years, Hyde Park was chosen as a location for the complementary Proms in the Park program, hosting all those who didn’t get tickets for the main concert.

If you can catch an inspired performance under the open sky, you will enjoy one of the finest experiences London has to offer. The festival ends on September 14th, so you should time your visit wisely. Book now!

The Great River Race

Rowing is one of Britain’s favourite pastimes, and it’s also representative of the nation’s competitive spirit.

Thames and boats

London hosts one of the most important rowing events of the season on September 14th, with more than 300 local and international crews competing in The Great River Race. This race is sometimes described as ‘London’s River Marathon’, and this moniker is really well-deserved considering the 21.6-mile long path of the race.

Parts of the boat race can be watched from downtown London, so if you are staying at Park Grand Hotel Hounslow, you should head outside on this date and find a good spot near the banks of the Thames.

London Design Festival

A case could be made for London as a design capital of the world, and some of the main arguments in its favour will be on full display during the London Design Festival.

This inspiring event takes place from September 14-22nd, and will feature several eye-opening landmark projects in open-air locations around London. In addition to large-scale installations, the festival will entail establishment of design districts in a handful of neighbourhoods, as well as scheduled talks by some of the most respected veterans of the industry.

You don’t have to be a creative professional to appreciate this unique opportunity to check the temperature of London’s design scene and see some cutting-edge works from up close.

Totally Thames

At this festival, River Thames is the main celebrity and all activities are centred around it. Totally Thames festival lasts throughout the month of September and is comprised of an assortment of events including art exhibitions, heritage celebrations, waterborne installations, music performances, and boat races.


There is an undeniable educational element in this unique London tradition, but Totally Thames is also a very fun place to visit, especially if you don’t live in Britain. You can’t understand London without becoming familiar with the river upon which it was built, and this is your golden opportunity to become an expert on all things Thames.

Open House London

Great architecture is one of London’s most significant qualities, but in late September there will be a true treat for everyone who appreciates impressive building design. Open House London is a showcase event taking place on September 21-22nd, when entry to some of the most amazing buildings in the city will be free. More than 800 buildings will be on display (including some very old properties), with organised tours and expert talks to add some seriousness to this carnival of sophisticated taste. Booking a stay at Park Grand Osterley in this period is probably a savvy move if you are fascinated by London’s historical architecture.

The Luna Cinema

This event is organised in various UK cities throughout the summer, and this September this includes a couple of locations in London.

Luna cinema

The Luna Cinema involves open-air projections of major films, with The Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born headlining the program for this year. Projections will be held in Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and Battersea Park, both of which are conveniently located close to main tourist areas in London. It’s true that you can watch a movie in your hotel room, but doing it with in a public space together with hundreds of strangers has a special kind of charm, especially when it’s warm.

Africa Utopia

Southbank Centre will be hosting the seventh edition of the annual celebration of African art and culture from September 13-15th.

The program is very diverse and intense, with guest speakers coming from various walks of life, including athletes, poets, fashion professionals and many others. One of the main attractions is the fashion show with works of premier African designers, while Afrika Shrine Alive performance by The Kuti Family is sure to draw a large crowd as well. With more than 30 exhibition stalls showcasing various items, every visitor will find something to pique his interest at the Africa Utopia 2019 festival. What events are you going to attend in London this September?