All you need to know about the London Heathrow airport.

All you need to know about the London Heathrow airport.

Planning a trip to London soon? Ready to land at the iconic London Heathrow airport? Like London its airport is also always hustling and bustling. Being one of the most central and busiest airports around the world it can get a bit overwhelming for first time visitors or even those who are visiting the city after a long time. This article compiles a guide that will help you have a smooth transit, arrival or departure at the vital London airport that almost connects the world together. This airport serves over 90 million visitors and 80 airlines every year. 

Here’s all you need to do when landing, flying out or transiting via the London Heathrow airport. 

London Heathrow Terminals

The London Heathrow Terminals are spread over 5 terminals to be able to accommodate the number of visitors and flights that the London airport handles. If you are travelling to London, have a layover or a short stay in London then you can book your stay at the Park Grand London Heathrow hotel. It keeps you closer to the airport and offers great connections to the city. 

You can even enjoy a nice and relaxing afternoon tea at this heathrow hotel. Offering scrumptions and a lavish afternoon menu it’s ideal to spend a layover here. 

It is better to know your terminal in advance so that you know which facilities are available in which terminal and you can plan your layover accordingly. Terminal 2 and 3 are a 10 minute walk away from each other while you will have to use a shuttle to get to Terminal 4 and 5.

Terminal 1

Currently this terminal is closed and is being used for expansion of heathrow. A lot of flights from terminal 1 have been diverted to other terminals for the time being.

Terminal 2

This terminal caters to over 25 long- haul airlines including the members of the Star Alliance from here. It is great for shopping, and has some lovely shops, boutiques and duty free shopping areas for those who have to spend a few hours at the airport.  

Terminal 3

Like the other Terminals, Terminal 3 is also equipped with lots of facilities and services that will make your airport stay entertaining and comfortable. Here you will find members of the oneworld alliance and other long- haul flights of Virgin Atlantic going in and out of the rest of the world.

Terminal 4 

Located a shuttle ride away from Terminal 1,2 and 3, terminal 4 is a bit further away. This terminal is mostly used by flights catering to the European continent. Several long-haul flights originate and terminate from this terminal.

Terminal 5

Located close to terminal 4 is London’s terminal 5. This Terminal exclusively serves British Airways and Iberia. A free Heathrow Express train connects from Terminal 5 to Terminal2 and 3 in about 20 minutes. Book a hotel in Hounslow East for easy and smooth access to the London airport. 

Layover at the airport

If you have a connecting or a long haul flight from London’s Heathrow airport you can book yourself a stay close to the hotel and even explore the city. For easy access between London city and Heathrow airport book yourself a stay in one of the Hotels near Hounslow central station. This is the best way to relax, rewind and prepare for the next leg of your journey. You can take the Heathrow express, the tube or even a private cab to step out and enjoy the city on your layover at London. 

Things to do at the Heathrow airport

Airports of some major cities are in itself an attraction as well as an experience worth exploring. Whether it is a long-haul flight or you are at the airport for a transit, there are plenty of things you can do at the Heathrow airports. The services, facilities and amenities available at the Heathrow terminals will make your time here truly satisfying. 

If you are a business traveller or someone travelling for work. You can access the meeting rooms at Terminal 5, make use of the baggage delivery service via transferbags and avoid lugging your luggage through the airport. 

For those travelling to far away countries, there is a Forgein Exchange centre at almost all terminals, making it easy for you to get travel cheques, get pre-paid currency cards and currency exchange before flying out. 

For premium class flyers there is the facility of fast tracking their check-ins and security. 

Have too much luggage? Worry no more. The Porter services can be availed at all Heathrow terminals. Pre-book a porter service for a small fee and stay hassle free. 

Other facilities available here are ATM machines, bag wrapping services, charging stations for phones, laptops and other smart devices and there is postal service for your last minute mail sending.  

Things to do around the airport

If you are stepping about you can take a quick tube, a privately hired cab or the Heathrow express train to explore London city. Other places you can visit from the Heathrow airport are Windsor, Hounslow, Thorpe Park, Chessington world of adventure, Ascot racecourse and more. 

Food and shopping at the airports

At almost all London Heathrow terminals you can indulge in high street, luxury or duty free shopping. Retail therapy is a great way to spend time in between flights or before taking a flight. This also allows you to do last minute shopping and even buy souvenirs and gifts for friends, family or colleagues you may be visiting. Heathrow airports offer a wide selection of restaurants, pubs, and cafes that are great for dining, enjoy a drink or nibbles. From popular UK or global chains to independant pubs and restaurants, London’s Heathrow terminals have it all. 

Lounges on every terminal

If you have a long wait at London’s Heathrow airport that is long enough to be inside the airport and short enough to be outside the airport or are experiencing a severe flight delay, then the airport lounges are a great place to be. The luxury lounges available for eligible flyers make your waiting period relaxed, productive and restful.