Why Staying Near an Airport Could Benefit your London Visit

Heathrow Airport

London is known for its abundance of glamorous hotels. From Chelsea to Shoreditch, the luxury hotel scene has garnered a lot of competition and a wealth of options for travellers to the city. From business hotels like the Park Grand Heathrow Hotel to the family-friendly Hyde Park selection of luxury accommodation, the city of London has quickly become one of the top spots for tourist satisfaction.

With such a wealth of options for travellers to the city, the many versatile hotels can leave you overwhelmed with options for your stay. Sometimes it really is a case of less is more, and narrowing down your hotel choices to those that are closest to your airport of arrival could really elevate your experience. From practical issues to peace of mind, staying at a hotel near your airport could add a whole new level to your London visit. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a week, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the reasons why a London stay needn’t place you right in the heart of the action.

There are five airports in London

London is home to five different major airports. Heathrow is the largest and is based in North West London with an average footfall of about 201,000 people using the airport every day. With five different terminals. Located just 14 miles outside of central London, Heathrow is one of the busiest international airports in the world, with 80 airlines flying to 185 different destinations in 84 countries.

The second-largest airport in London is Gatwick, which lies about 30 miles to the South East of the city. With direct trains to London Victoria, Gatwick has two terminals and about 46.1 million annual users.

London City Airport is located in the Docklands area and is easily reachable via the DLR line. This is a small airport, often frequented by business travellers on account of its proximity to the Canary Wharf business hub.

Stansted Airport is located in Essex, about 40 miles outside of London. This smaller airport is mostly used for European, African and Middle Eastern flights, serving about 200 different destinations.

Located only 28 miles outside of London, Luton Airport is nestled in the heart of Bedfordshire and is the home base to a range of budget European airlines. Serving Wizz Air, EasyJet and Ryanair, making it a prime destination for holiday travellers to the city.

Which means there’s plenty of choices

The reason that we highlight the five major airports serving London is that their locations have dictated a growth in the number of nearby hotels. Whether you’re making the most of Heathrow Hotel dealsor staying near City Airport, you’ll usually be no more than an hour outside of the city centre. Whatever your plans are in London, staying at a cheaper hotel nearer to the airport will mean that you can enjoy the city and still be close to your flights.

Great transport links to the city centre

With Heathrow offering direct access to the city centre via the Piccadilly Line and direct trains to Paddington, you’ll never be more than 45 minutes away from London’s key attractions. That’s even closer than many of London’s residential boroughs. This gives you even more reason to stay a little further out of the city and still be able to enjoy the tourist attractions in next to no time at all.

Quieter neighbourhoods

Despite the nearby flyovers from the airport, you’ll find that the neighbourhoods around the city airports are often far quieter than many others. This is due to London airports having to be built with enough space for a runway, meaning that their locations are often on the outskirts or in less built-up areas of London.

City fringes

As mentioned, these airports are often located on the fringes of London and as the city is one famously made up of “villages”, the areas have their own unique draws. Staying at accommodation near Heathrow airport,for instance, will mean you have the whole area of Hounslow and North West London right on your doorstep, meaning that you can utilise a range of parks, restaurants and unique attractions in the area.

Cheaper entertainment

Being on the fringes of the city means that prices won’t be as steep as they are in the centre. This may mean you could find cheaper drinks, meals and entertainment during your visit. With fewer travel costs due to how close your hotel is, you could save a whole heap of money even if you only spend one day exploring the local area.

Business meetings

London hotels outside of the city centre are often equipped with conference rooms and event spaces. The fact that they have more space to play with than the often compact central hotels means that these areas are perfect for the business traveller. Furthermore, if you are hosting a conference at a hotel event space near an airport, then you’ll be making it even easier for your international guests to attend.


From travelling from your hotel room to the airport gate, you’ll be cutting the fat when it comes to travel time. This is especially useful if you’re in a rush or you have an early or late flight. Staying at a hotel in proximity to the airport means that you won’t have to worry about awkward arrival times and planning a taxi hire or car rental.

Layover potential

Sometimes a layover simply can’t be helped. You might have a day or two to wait to catch your connecting flight. Having a hotel nearby where you can get some rest and relaxation is vital for a productive trip. Although often seeing you sedentary, travelling long distance can take a lot of mental energy, and can leave you feeling drained. Having a pillow, not an airport terminal to rest your head will ease your travel transition.

Get the best rooms

Hotels near airports are usually a lot less busy than centrally located ones. They’re at least inhabited for shorter times usually, meaning that there’s more of a chance of bagging a more popular room, or a rarer suite.