Things to do for a quirky experience in London

quirky experience in London

London is a popular destination amongst tourists from around the world. What makes this city so popular is its vibrant and varied character that offers something for every kind of traveller. Whether you are here for a family holiday, a romantic vacation, travelling here for some fun, want to go on a shopping spree this city offers something to please one and all. It has something that will be great for every type of traveller.

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If you are travelling to London and want to indulge in some quirky and weird things to do, then you can. A city that’s for all, it offers weirdly fun things to do in the city. Here’s list of weird things you can do to have a quirky and off-beat time in London. Book yourself a hotel near Hounslow Central station to easily access the quirky attractions of London.

Queen of Hoxton

Attend a quirky themed rooftop event at this fun bar in the heart of the city. This place features a bar, a club with DJs and love music on 3 levels. It also has a roof garden barbecue where you can enjoy a heart meal. Visit this place for various inspired and themed parties where you can turn into your favourite never-growing-up character.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity Tour

For thrill seekers, this tour is the best you can get. In this spooky tour you will explore the dark and bloody secrets of London and will be involved in the search of ghosts and poltergeists. This activity is certainly not for the faint-hearted ones.

Handmade Mysteries

Another weird activity that keeps you on your toes and your pulse-racing is the immersive experience at the Handmade Mysteries. This place features twisted escape rooms from where you can escape only by your brain-teasing efforts.

Pitch Black – London

Another quirky place to must visit when you are in London is Pitch Black, this place makes you dine and drink in complete darkness and you enjoy your meal without seeing it, throughout the meal.

Visit the Wellcome Collection

Displaying an unusual mix of medical artefacts and original creative works that explore the connection between medicine, life and art. These ingredients make this place a quirky and weird one.

London City Farm

Explore a city farm

In the heart of a hustling-bustling city you can indulge in huge farms featuring farm activities, poultry and animals. Now that’s weird!

Try a Bullshit Tour

The lovers of weird and humorous stuff. In this tour you will see real landmarks but the facts you find about them are bullshit. An alternate and funny take on how you see London, this is a fun, off-beat thing to do.

Attend a life-drawing class

Bring out the sarcastic art inside you and attend a life-drawing class. This is fun and weird for the attendees.



Where is the best place to get a steak in London?

London has always been a popular destination for its food. One of the things London does great is its steak. You can find great pubs and restaurants all over London that offer well done, medium done and basically just the perfect steak that is done to your liking here. Visit some great restaurants and enjoy your kind of steak in the city.

Where are the best places to take children on London for free?

London is one of the many few cities that offer a variety of things for kids to do and keep them entrained that too in the heart of the city. Plus, most of the fun kid’s activities are free to do. This includes the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, Imperial War Museum, Tate Galleries, the royal London parks, the London Transport Museum and more.